The Magician

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A warning for those who will listen…

Listen my friends and heed my warning, for this dastardly villain can leave you mourning…

The Magician

A magician, a forger and a blatant sneak,
with slight of hand he will deceive.

You hand him a destruct that is bound to fail;
smiling, he thanks you and vanishes into thin air.

His return is triumphant…the destruct passed!
Shock and amazed, you don’t understand.
You knew it would fail; this wasn’t the plan.

Poor unsuspecting technicians become his fool.
But he scares me not; for I know this ghoul!

He hides good destructs in trailer and truck,
and with a quick swap out improves his luck.
Then throwing up his hands, begs “What failing destruct?!”

No swap outs, no problem, he’ll make this right!
He’s brazen; he’ll weld another one, right in your sight.

So, technician, mark them early and mark them well,
and the magician’s tricks shall not prevail.

Oh beware this creep whose deeds are true.
Don’t let the magician fool you!

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