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Zero Leaks For A Lifetime


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Our vision at CQA Solutions is an industry without leaks.

We believe that by working alongside our industry colleagues, we can make it happen. It’s time to raise the bar of excellence.

For years, the geosynthetics containment industry has continued to take enormous strides towards achieving zero leak containment systems. Technological advancements have improved liner materials, installation equipment, and leak location processes. These advances mean we should no longer have to settle for goals of 4 leaks per acre, or even one leak per acre. Zero leaks—it’s not just a dream—it is a reality that is achievable for all!

We have not only sought the dream of zero leaks per acre—we have lived that reality! Our team was brought in to lead the CQA effort on over 320 acres of a double-lined geosynthetics installation—the first no leak evaporation ponds ever constructed on this site!

The future is now! Achieving a containment system that does not leak when installation is completed, or after a drainage/cover layer is installed, or 20 years into the future begins now. Proper planning and design are an important part of the equation. Likewise, having the proper construction contractors that are geared toward quality can make or break a project. A rigorous CQA program, which includes Leak Integrity Survey after drainage/cover material is installed is equally important. Which of these is most important?

Although everyone may have a different opinion and could make an argument for any single one of these elements of containment construction—you can’t have a superior product without all of these components working together. You can have the best installation and CQA possible, but if the material is subpar, it won’t do you any good. You can have great material, and great CQA, but if the installer is cutting corners or the earthwork contractor performed inadequately, you can have huge failures. Likewise, you can invest in the best products and best contractor but if CQA fails, the project will ultimately fail.

It takes collaboration and commitment to build quality. As we have already experienced, zero leak containment can be our industry’s reality!