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About Glen

Glen is a 1990 graduate of Michigan Technological University. The education Glen received at MTU paved the way for his successful career in Environmental Construction Quality Assurance (CQA). Fundamental and specialized classes such as surveying, soils and advanced mathematics provided a solid foundation.

Glen’s ability to learn and unparalleled attention to detail built upon the education foundation and have rounded Glen out as a top CQA Inspector for earthwork and geosynthetics projects.

From his first day on a project, Glen not only strived to learn more about CQA, but also how to assure he was doing the best, most cost-efficient CQA possible. Throughout his twenty-plus years of CQA experience, Glen has consistently refined his approach to CQA to make it as simple and repeatable as possible.

To this end, Glen started his own CQA firm in 2003.

Glen’s career has been filled with opportunities to participate in unique projects across the United States. The Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station Evaporation Pond 2 and Pond 1 project highlights not only Glen’s ability to understand, lead and troubleshoot on a very complex geosynthetics project but also the highest level of quality obtainable on a CQA project. Glen was directly involved as the CQA lead for over 320 acres of double containment (two 60 mil HDPE layers) geosynthetics installation that resulted in zero-leaks.

This project emphasizes how personnel from all sides of the construction equation can work safely together to meet an objective—zero leaks!  Glen’s firsthand knowledge about this project alone—from the typical day-to-day challenges to unique opportunities for troubleshooting—provides valuable insight into how to repeat these results on projects worldwide!

Speaking Engagements & Professional Papers


SWANApalooza 2017
Panel Discussion: Getting What You Pay For From Design Through Construction

Geotechnical Frontiers 2017
Panel Discussion: How to Design your Mechanisms System for Zero Leakage by including Geoelectric Integrity Tests

Geosynthetics June 2017
Article: Achieving zero leaks on a budget


GeoAmericas 2016
Panel Discussion: Geosynthetic Specifications: Limitations and Deficencies that need to be addressed

ESD 26th Annual Solid Waste Technical Conference
Paper: Geomembranes: Moving Towards Zero Leaks


Perumin 2015
Paper: CQA: Zero Leaks Liners, and the role of geosynthetics as on asset in mining

Geosynthetics 2015
Panel Discussion: The Possibility of Zero Leaks
Paper: Extrusion Welds: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Paper: Covering your Assets: Construction Quality Assurance


Geosynthetics Mining 2014
Paper: Zero Leaks Liners: Money in Your Pocket