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Can You Pass This Test?

By October 24, 2016Uncategorized

Nearly everyone likes challenges to test their knowledge. As I move forward with this blog, I am going to take time to present you with material that challenges your knowledge of various components within the containment construction industry.

My reason for starting this series with vacuum testing is from the extreme amount of improper or nonworking vacuum test equipment we have seen on jobsites this year (2016). Many reputable installers and reputable QA firms are simply not catching that the gauge reads in units other than psi and that the tests do not meet specified pressure requirements. It truly has been an alarming year in that regard. I am hoping that this quiz will make some of you take another look at the ASTM before heading out in the field, and definitely taking in-depth looks at the equipment and methods being used out in the field.

The first series of quizzes will likely be based on ASTM references. ASTM’s are commonly being referenced within Construction Specifications, CQA Plans, and other project governing documents. As a design engineer, do you know what you are specifying when you reference an ASTM? As an installation firm, do you have the proper equipment required to properly perform an installation under these ASTM’s. As the QA technician on the job, how well do you know these ASTM’s in order to properly enforce them – do you even have a copy of these documents readily available?

How knowledgeable are you? Can you beat your co-workers score? Are you ready to find out?

  • Quiz 1: Vacuum Box Testing, based on ASTM D-5641-94 (Reapproved 2011), Standard Practice for Geomembrane Seam Evaluation by Vacuum Chamber.
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NOTE: After you submit your answers I will show you how you scored, as well as an explanation for each correct answer.