Can you pass this Air Pressure Testing quiz?

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Late last year, I committed to periodically publishing quizzes on various components of the containment industry as a normal feature of this blog. The first quiz in the series was Vacuum Box Test Method (ASTM D-5641-94 (Reapproved 2011). The overall response was overwhelming. Many of you enjoyed taking the quiz, and emailed me sharing your scores. Thank you all for participating!

I am continuing with the ASTM quizzes because ASTM’s are commonly being referenced within Construction Specifications, CQA Plans, and other project governing documents. Far too often, people do not know what are in these ASTM’s and it leads to unnecessary project delays and conflicts.

How knowledgeable are you? Can you beat your co-worker’s score? Let’s find out!

NOTE: After you submit your answers I will show you how you scored, as well as an explanation for each correct answer.
  • Quiz 2: Air Pressure Testing, based on ASTM D-5820-95 (Reapproved 2011)

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